4 Things Every 18 Year Old Should Know

Young and sweet only.. 18? Being a senior in high school has been 100% not what I expected it to be. I dreamed of being 18 from years 10-16 and now that the moment is here it feels a bit odd. Almost like, I'm the same person. Almost like I haven't changed at all. While that's not entirely true, it certainly is true that things aren't much different aside from the fact that being 18 means I can now vote as well as test drive cars at dealerships. Other than those few things, nothing has changed much. Beside the fact that I feel no difference from being 12, I have learned some interesting things along the way. Things that I think every 18 year old should know and I want to share them today with you.

1. Things Will Completely Fall Apart and It's Totally Okay
With the stress of senior year and college everything seems to fall apart on the daily. Forgot to bring a pencil to class? Instant breakdown. Left my 5 point homework in my locker across the hall? Watch out the world is about to end. For most of this year I felt like I wasn't stressed but little did I know I was more stressed than I had ever been.

Stress piles up slowly but surely and sure it isn't big 'adult' problems at this age but it's definitely enough to feel like everything is crashing down on you but there's good news! Everything is going to play out the way it's supposed to and it will happen much quicker than you think. So when you feel like the world is constantly falling apart (that's every other day for me) take a deep breath and remember things are going to be okay.

2. Friendships Come And Go.. And Come Again.. And Go Again
This was something I always heard but never chose to believe it until I was walking through the hall and felt awkward saying hi to someone who had been my very best friend all through middle school and freshman year. What happened? Nothing. That's the beauty of it, nothing happened at all! Busy schedules and having no classes together made us simply grow apart to where we barely say hey anymore.

This happened more often than I thought but one thing I realized is friendships come and go but it doesn't necessarily have to be because they end ugly. People grow apart and that's something that high school really tests you on. The best part? Friends come more than they go.

3. It's Time To Start 'Adulting' 
Before I start this I just want to say my mom will probably laugh if she reads this. Although you may feel like you are still 12 years old, that is not the case. 18 means freedom but it also means responsibility. Learn to cook, start doing your laundry, find a job, & go vote!

There comes a day in life where all of sudden things need to be taken more seriously and people see you different because of the responsibilities you hold as an adult. Congratulations that day was your 18th birthday. PS I am still working on the cooking and laundry part.

4. Enjoy It.
The biggest problems right now may seem like a massive deal but please don't forget to take time and enjoy being 18. It's a time of discovery and soul searching. We now start to morph into the adult we will be for the rest of our lives. Spend time with your loved ones because for those of you going to college, the clock is ticking.  Take time to yourself and do some deep digging. Reflect on the good, the not so good, and the really not so good and remember what you learned from every situation.

So.. you're young and sweet and no longer 17 but there's so much ahead for you and now's the time to start enjoying. So get out there, go vote, go test a car at a car dealership and do all the wonderful things that can be done at 18.

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  1. Ohhhhh I wish my 18 year old self had known this! Great advice.

    Xo, Lauryn


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