Two weeks ago I spent a few days in New York City while visiting schools and presenting for a scholarship. This time around was very different than the rest of times I have gone. It was the first time the possibility of living in the city became a reality. When it comes to picking a place to move to its difficult to grasp everything at once, especially if it's New York City. 

It has always been a dream of mine to move up north for college and now that it seems so close I actually begin to take in the reality of the city: the good, the bad & the ugly. Despite the list of bad (and ugly) things, New York never loses its splendor gleam of opportunity. Beyond the lavish buildings and never ending days, it's a city that is rich with opportunity and dreams. 

Walking through the streets wasn't about taking a nice picture of a pretty building anymore, it was a small look at what the future could possibly hold in the next year. It was also a moment to channel my inner Carrie Bradshaw (minus the painful heels) as we walked through the city. 

Although I don't have a decision made quite yet, getting to experience the city on a whole different level was pretty awesome. Choosing between Birmingham and New York is a much harder choice than I could have imagined. Though most of it has to do with the cost of college, I can't help but admit that part of it is fear of leaving my comfort zone.  Within the next month I'll have to make the choice of where I want to spend the next four years of my life. It's not an easy one, but it sure does make it a lot more exciting when New York, New York is on the list. 



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