Today we're talking LUSH: the mecca of all things organic and beauty. For a few years now I have held off from using LUSH for two reason. 1. There is no LUSH anywhere near where I live 2. I wasn't so sure if they were genuine or not. So, I did my research and found that their products are 100% true to what they say they are. Somehow I ended up with a cabinet of lush products and I find myself using most of these everyday. I could go on and talk about my love for LUSH for hours but I've narrowed it down to my top favorites and here they are. 

  • RO's ARGAN BODY CONDITIONER 'Skin Conditioner' This little baby is my secret to keeping soft and LUSHious skin (see what I did there). If you know me, you know I have a never-ending romance with roses and anything rose scented. This body conditioner explodes tender rose sent as soon as you open. Filled with argan oil, cocoa butter and almond oils, it truly seals in moisture into the skin and leaving it forever silky and smooth. I usually pair this in this shower with my body scrub mentioned below. I highly recommend this to all that enjoy a little pick-me-up in the shower especially to those who wake up at 5am everyday like me and need something to look forward to every morning. 
  • CATASTROPHE COSMETIC 'Fresh Face Mask' One of my go-to catastrophe preventing methods is this blueberry fresh face mask. Whenever I feel my skin opaque and broken out I rush to catastrophe mask to save the day. It's ingredients include soothing chamomile, irish moss and calamine. All these help to soothe the skin and to clean of impurities preventing further catastrophes on the surface of the skin. PS the smell of blueberry is A+.
  • LIFE'S A BEACH 'Body Scrub' I mentioned above a scrub I use with the body conditioner and this is it. I've tried many scrubs in my lifetime and this by far is my all time favorite. Not only does it bring the beach right to your skin, seriously it looks exactly like sand, but it cleanses the body of dead molecules without stripping it and irritating the skin. My constant struggle of having sensitive skin is finding things that don't irritate it. Must scrubs tend to leave my skin red and sometimes even burning. Life's A Beach includes sea salt, scrubby sand, an vanilla-caramel scent. 
  • ROSE JAM 'Shower Gel' And my love for roses continues! 'Sweet, tart, and wonderfully fresh, this indulgent blend of rose, vanilla and lemon will leave you smelling purely blissful.' I couldn't have said it better myself! If I could bathe completely in this stuff everyday trust me I would. 
  • EAU ROME WATER 'Toner Water' I'm already on my second bottle of this baby! I made a post just on this toner a few months back you can read it here.
  • NONE OF YOUR BEESWAX 'Lip Balm' My latest purchase and the one I use most often is this lemony scent lip balm. It's like carrying a mini lemon bar in your pocket! Because of medications I take my lips are constantly chapped and swollen from dryness. It's difficult to find something to soothe my lips without leaving a thick, sticky film on top of my lips. But alas, LUSH has done it again in making me fall in love with a product. This lip balm does everything from soothing my lips to preventing dryness. I highly recommend this for the upcoming harsh winter months. 
These are my favorite LUSH products so far this year! I am always on the lookout to try more so let me know what your favorite LUSH goodies are. 

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*Rose Jam & Life's A Beach were Limited Edition Products

Eu Roma Water
None Of Your Beeswax
Ro's Argan Body Conditioner

LUSH Must Haves

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