Giron, Santander

Hello friends! Last week I visited a little town I had been dying to visit for the longest time. The town is called Giron and it was absolutely breathtaking. From the all white houses, to the brown doors, and the delicious food. It was a beautiful day well spent. Check out the photos below! 

Arriving at Giron


My beautiful aunt and cousin :)

Walkways beside basilica

Inside basilica

Walking through the streets

Basilica gift shop

Drinking one of the famous smoothies my family used to come and drink when they were young

All of the doorways were brown and could not be any other color

Eating with the locals

Ethnic soup called "Mute (moo-teh)"

Reunited with one of their cousins (right) who owned the restaurant and ended up giving us lunch on the house. 

It was such a beautiful experience to get to know the culture more and learn more about the people. I highly recommend if you're ever in Colombia or plan to go that you visit this little town. It is an absolute beauty!!

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