It's a Friday night. Some of my friends are at the MET, a few are bowling in Brooklyn and others are out square dancing. Like most Friday nights, I am tucked in watching videos or reading interviews. I work at 11am on the weekends and even 11am is early enough to keep me in the night before. 

Occasionally, I run into some interesting things and share a link or two with a friend. Sometimes I re-watch seasons of Grey's Anatomy and wonder why Shonda killed off O'Malley. Other times I watch really fascinating videos on things like ventriloquy and conspiracy theories on George Washington. However, some nights I find a little treasure within the madness. 

Tonight, my nugget of gold is Pope Francis' TED talk, "Why the only future worth building includes everyone." I figured it would be good considering most TED talks I watch are good or at least decent. I did not however, think it would be this good. 

Francis begins his 17 minute talk by touching on the theme of the event, "The Future of You." First, he expresses the importance of the mutual dependence each one of us has on each other. He says, "none of us is an island, an autonomous and independent "I," separated from the other, and we can only build the future by standing together, including everyone." He goes on to describe the only means of happiness to be one in which happiness is a gift of harmony between one another. His second point mainly consists of the importance of having every decision whether, social, economic, scientific or political, be driven by one common link: solidarity, "a term that many wish to erase from the dictionary." 

11 minutes and 28 seconds into the talk he says something that I had unconsciously been needing to hear. Maybe this is something we all need to hear right now. 

To Christians, the future does have a name, and its name is Hope. Feeling hopeful does not mean to be optimistically na├»ve and ignore the tragedy humanity is facing. Hope is the virtue of a heart that doesn't lock itself into darkness, that doesn't dwell on the past, does not simply get by in the present, but is able to see a tomorrow. Hope is the door that opens onto the future. Hope is a humble, hidden seed of life that, with time, will develop into a large tree. It is like some invisible yeast that allows the whole dough to grow, that brings flavor to all aspects of life. And it can do so much, because a tiny flicker of light that feeds on hope is enough to shatter the shield of darkness. A single individual is enough for hope to exist, and that individual can be you. And then there will be another "you," and another "you," and it turns into an "us." And so, does hope begin when we have an "us?" No. Hope began with one "you." When there is an "us," there begins a revolution.

Here it is. The moment in which I found an answer that captured all doubts and questions.

Hope is tangible. It is in the sunrise. Hope is in the sunset. She is in the way that each one of us can say we have made it through this far. It is in a mother's eyes. Hope is in a father's kind words. She is a hug from a friend. Hope is in the brightest of skies and the darkest of nights. She is persistent and she is not perishable. 

Most importantly, hope is in you. She is in all of us and it just takes a glimmer of her for us to realize how powerful and present she is. 

Amongst earthquakes, wars, instability, cancer, and fear, we can hold on to the one thing that binds us together: faith in the good. 

As Francis says, "we all need each other" because with all of us bound together for in solidarity of each other there is truth to the saying, "there was never a night or problem that could defeat sunrise or hope."

Hope on a Friday night in New York City.



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